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  • Ryosuke TAKADA 髙 田 崚 介

  • Doctor of Engineering
  • Department of Electronics
    Kobe City College of Technology
    Senior Lecturer
  • IPSJ membership
    HIS membership
    ACM membership
    IPA MITOU 2017 super creator

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POP Cart 2021


In this study, we developed POP Cart that uses a shopping cart and an agent to recommend products. The agent on POP Cart is designed to call the customer by name, chatting and making recommendations to the customer casually like a friend. POP Cart has two advantages: first, the agent can form a positive relationship with the customer is in the store, which could be beneficial for a high recommendation success rate, as found in previous studies. Second, the agent can make multiple recommendations for different products according to the position of the customer while they are shopping in a large store. To evaluate the effectiveness of the recommendations made by the POP Cart agent, we conducted a field experiment in a real supermarket in Japan, where 49 participants shopped under three cart conditions. The results revealed that having an agent on a shopping cart is an effective way to recommend and sell products.
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Grov ( 研究紹介ページ ) 2017-2018


The Grov is a low-cost data glove that brings intuitive interaction to any applications. It can sense your finger bendings, abductions and touch points at the same time for the first time in the world. Based on conductive fiber sensing, the Grov is lightweight, soft, washable and hard to break. Grov supports your hand interactions at VR, gesture recognizing, motion captures and shortcut for any apps. With a focus on intuitive hand interaction, design and durability I bring the most immersive experience.
  • IPA Mitou foundation 2017
  • IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award 2017
  • IPSJ SIGHCI Student Award
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DroneHelmet 2018


DroneHelmet is the concept of automated walking; it applies the paradigm of automated driving to human movement. As the legs are moved without the user's cognitive effort, the user can focus on what they want to do while walking. Unlike conventional navigation systems which depend on the user's voluntary walking, automated walking generates the user's physical movements including start/stop of walking. A DroneHelmet prototype is built and tested to validate the concept. Ungrounded force generated by the drone helmet induces the user's postural reflex and the corresponding body movements. This is collaborative work with NTT Docomo Research Lab.
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JoyKey 2017


JoyKey is a one-handed hardware keyboard with 4x3 grid slide keys, called a JoyKey. It can be used for Japanese text entry based on the flick input method. We conducted a user study to compare the accuracy and input speed of the JoyKey and a software keyboard on a touch screen under two conditions (eyes-free and non-eyes-free). Results show that the software keyboard cannot be used under the eyes-free condition because users cannot feel tactile feedback on a touch screen. In contrast, using the JoyKey, users can enter text under both the conditions with relative ease.
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BaroTouch ( Movie ) 2016


We present BaroTouch, a technique that leverages a waterproof mobile device's built-in barometer to measure the touch force. When an airtight waterproof device is touched, the distorted surface changes the air pressure inside that device and thus changes the built-in barometer value. Although this change varies under different airtightness conditions, our technique can measure the touch force independent of the airtightness conditions.
  • AsianCHI Symposium 2017 Best Poster/Demo Award
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MonoTouch ( Movie ) 2015


MonoTouch is a technique which can defferentiate some touch gestures using single electrode and a capacitive touch sensor. MonoTouch's electrode has a special layout which is 3D-printed, and sensor's responses are different between touch gestures (tap and some directional swipes). MonoTouch uses the number of responses and response time to differentiate touch gestures.
  • HIS Academic Encouragement Award
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PoiPet ( Web ) ( Hacklog ) ( YouTube ) ( Comic ) 2015

Ryosuke Takada, Sayami Okumura, Kazuma Kimura, RIna Kotake, Kazuki Tada, Daiki Yamaji

We develop PoiPet. Poipet is a cute trashbox, the people can throw plastic bottles goveage with cute interaction on PoiPet. And Poipet strage the log data. It is usefull for lifelog and . Please watch the movie of Poipet.
  • Mashup Awards 11 Best Student AwardAdobe Systems Award
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, enPiT Business App enPiT workshop in Tsukuba, 1st PrizeenPiT 4th BizApp Workshop, 1st Prize
  • GUGEN2015 Vistone Award
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PINCH ( Hacklog ) ( YouTube ) 2015

Ryosuke Takada, Daiki Yamaji, Kazuki Tada, Yu Hayakawa, Masaya Tsuruta

PINCH is a smart laundry pinch. User can take some clothes easily and fastly. Each PINCH's pin is automately open/close. And PINCH automately rotate for sun.
  • Mashup Awards 11 FinalistSONY MESH Award
  • GUGEN2015
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Wireless String Telephone ( YouTube ) 2014

Takeshi Tanabe, Ryosuke Takada, Seiya Yabuuchi, Kosuke Kamimura

String telephone is a traditional simple communication tool. It is easy to understand that how to use. We develop string telephone in wireless. User can enjoy the string telephone communication talks with someone, and feel the strength.
  • IVRC2014 Finalist(through document review, presentation battle, demo battle, 7%)
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GROVE ( YouTube ) 2013


GROVEとは,曲げや回転などを計測するセンサをとりつけた手袋(データグローブ)およびスマートフォンを組み合わせることにより, ジェスチャ操作を用いたアプリ制御を行うシステムです. スマートフォンをポケットに入れたまま,電話の発信,指文字による文字入力,WiFiカメラを用いた写真撮影が可能です. GROVEは,"grow up"と"glove"を組み合わせた造語です.
  • 教育システム情報学会 優秀ポスター発表賞
  • 電気学会 関西支部論文発表賞
  • 産学官技術フォーラム'13 優秀発表賞
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Soccer Robot ( YouTube ) 2012

Yutaro Ishida, Ryosuke Takada, Akinori Miyamoto, Hirotake Kataoka

This is a powerfull robot for soccer. It has a great kick mechanic and a smoth whoile which can move to 360° direction.
  • RoboCup2012 Japan local soccer B open.
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Sukima NEWS 

Sukima NEWS Yu Hayakawa, Masaya Tsuruta, Kazuki Tada, Daiki Yamaji, Ryosuke Takada (Hacklog)

2015 Sukima NEWSは隙間時間に合わせて,ニュースを読み切れる量に要約して提供します.ユーザの読む速さを機械学習することによって,ユーザが隙間時間にちょうど読み切れる文章量に要約します.また,機械学習をニュースカテゴリごとに行うことによって,同じ隙間時間でも読むのに時間のかかる苦手な分野は短く,得意な分野は長い文章に要約します.
  • Mashup Awards 11 学生部門賞
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Pop Pepper Kazuki Tada, Daiki Yamaji, Ryosuke Takada, Yu Hayakawa, Masaya Tsuruta (Hacklog)

2015 使用者が興味を持った本について,Pepper君がただ淡々と紹介してくれるだけではなく,紹介する文章の内容を分析し,声に抑揚をつけたり身振り手振りを行うことによって商品について熱く語ってくれます.購入したい本の内容についてあらすじを読むだけでは物足りない人はpepperに聞いてみよう!
  • Mashup Awards 11 アシアル賞楽天API賞
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Chidori Ryosuke Takada, Masaya Tsuruta, Yuya Kawabata

2015 大学内の講義にて制作したセントリーガンです.WiFiカメラを用いてiOS端末上にて物体を認識,BLE通信を用いてデバイスの仰角等を指定します.また,デバイス内には600μFのコンデンサがあり,常に電荷がチャージされています.ターゲットがカメラ内中心に収まったタイミングにてソレノイドを用いてBB弾を発射します.
  • 筑波大学 CS専攻 組込システム開発 講義内相互投票1位Freescale賞
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GROVE HAND Research ( Movie ) ( Movie [ old ver.] ) 2014

データグローブのデモ用に開発したロボットハンドです.各指にサーボモータが一基搭載されています. 指の関節はリンク機構を用いて接続されており,第一関節および第二関節を曲げることにより拳を握ることができます. Bluetooth接続にて制御が可能です.
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Kinect Music Game Ryosuke Takada, Seiya Yabuuchi ( Movie ) 2011

Kinectによる全身を使った体感型リズムゲームです. 左・右パンチ,左・右キック,拍手,ジャンプの6つのジェスチャをタイミングよく行うことにより,高スコアを目指すことができます. 高専生4年生の頃に文化祭の学科展示用に作ったゲームで,製作期間も1週間ほどでした. ただ文化祭当日は,2台の筐体を動かしていたにも関わらず,2日間絶え間なく体験していただくことができ, 最終的には文化祭の科展示最優秀賞を受賞することができました.よい思い出です.
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Program Cube Yusuke Oda,Kenta Mukai,Hiromitsu Oshiba,Kosuke Kamimura,Ryosuke Takada 2009

ブロックを組み立てるようにしてプログラミングができる,タンジブルなプログラム開発環境です. 私が高専の本科2年生の頃に部活で製作したデバイスです. この作品が初めてのチーム開発であり,初めての電子回路であり,初めてのプレゼンテーションやデモ展示を行った作品でもあります. 初めてだらけの製作でしたが,副リーダーとして最初から最後まで走りきることができたのは,今となっては良い経験となりました.
  • 全国高等専門学校 第20回プログラミングコンテスト 自由部門敢闘賞




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